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A Las Vegas local's guide to the best places to drink throughout Sin City.

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Explore Beyond the Strip

Want to drink like a local? There are endless options for cocktails, craft breweries, and more just outside of Las Vegas Blvd. There's more to Vegas than the Strip!

Hi, I'm Ashley! I used to be a frequent tourist, but have called Las Vegas home since 2019. I love all things cocktails, beer, wine, tea, and cigars, and I want to show you all of the great places this city has to offer!

I started my Instagram @sipwithme_lv in late 2020 to showcase my favorite places post-pandemic. It's since grown into a much bigger passion and hobby for all things drink and cigar related. Cheers!

About Me

About Me

Smoke with Me

Vegas is home to a lively and ever-growing cigar scene, with new lounges opening up on a regular basis. Take a look inside some of the best cigar hot spots throughout the valley. 

Home Bar & Mixology

Prefer to enjoy cocktails at home? Check out the Mixology section for all of the drink recipes I've created. Whatever spirit or occasion, there's something for everyone!

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